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Jason Galvão
Atlanta , GA

Instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Styles: rock, blues, jazz, r&b acoustic, fingerstyle, country, all genres

Studio location:
Atlanta , GA 30043
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Atlanta's premier guitar lessons with Jason

Interested in guitar lessons ?


10 yrs. & younger - single note melodies to get your fingers moving ,with broken down kids chords for early development 

10 Yrs. and over - play chords your first lesson with knowledge and understanding of chord switching, as well as intros to rhythm, strumming, scale analysis and more.

Intermediate to advanced 

 Have you been playing a while ? Are you wanting to take your guitar playing to the next level? I will end those ruts of not knowing where to go & get you out of that one shape box you've been stuck in.You will learn how to solo all over the neck with interval training, advanced pentatonic, legato, alternate picking, arpeggios, modes, modal progressions & much more.


Genres of study

Rock, Country,  R&B,  blues, Jazz, Fusion acoustic/finger style

Blues and Jazz

Chord comps: learn those 2-5-1 secrets that no one shares, altered dominants, inversions, slash chords, triadic harmony & much more .


Having Fret board confusion?  

I will show you how to examine and locate all the notes of your guitar with my fret board theory lessons & play all the note forms low to high in seconds. Let's get on your way toward guitar playing success!

I’m currently offering in home guitar lessons in the North Atlanta area in addition to Skype web Lessons.




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